An Exhilarating Year for Lucy

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lucy-instagrammIt’s been a little quiet on the site lately, but that’s certainly has not because of Lucy’s activities! In fact, her extensive touring has probably earned her more frequent flier miles than an airline stewardess.┬áThe year got off to a roaring start when her debut album “Like I Used To” landed on The Fly’s list of the Top 50 Albums of 2012. Besides pure talent and a legion of devoted fans, part of the album’s success is due to a massive 30 stop tour of the UK that Lucy Rose launched last fall to promote the album.

Around the world with Lucy

The momentum of the tour propelled her into 2013 with performances throughout Europe. That gave way to a summer filled with appearances at numerous venues and music festivals throughout Europe. You may have seen her at the Blue Balls Festival in Luzern, Switzerland, the Cambridge Folk Festival, or Redfest 2013 in July. You may have caught the “secret show” she played at Hyde Park on July 12 prior to her actual appearance at the British Summer Time concert later that night. August was a hot month for her, with appearances at the Osheaga Festival in Montreal, Canada, at Pukkelpop 2013 in Kiewit-Hasselt, Belgium, and at Leeds Festival in the UK. It doesn’t look like she’ll stop anytime soon, as she’s currently on a 19 city tour throughout North America with City and Colour. Check out an interview about the tour here.

Being a female artist in the industry

lucy-instagramm2 Besides her tireless touring, Lucy Rose inspired an open dialogue and debate regarding the unequal treatment between male and female artists in the industry. During an interview with BBC Radio 6 interview on August 12, Lucy Rose disagreed with the notion it has become easier for women to launch a music career than men. She also pointed out, correctly, that male singers are rarely compared to one another in the way that female singers are. Fans who know of Lucy Rose’s dedication and determination to achieve her goal of singing understand the frustration that comes with such comparisons.

It’s easy to see that the past year has been exhilarating for Lucy Rose. Rest assured, though, that Lucy Rose has more in store as she concludes her tour and turns her attention to other projects. Stay tuned to find out just what those plans entail.

Fun fact:

Lucy loves cheese but makes sure to stay away from any sort of cheese before a performance to protect her voice!

Bonus Video:

Lucy Rose – Shiver (Live on KEXP) (originally recorded April 5, 2013)



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