Dutch Courage? “Great Opportunities belong to Moderate Drinkers”

January 20th, 2014 at 11:10 AM / by

Heineken tells consumers to drink less! With the help of top DJ, Armin van Buuren, they’ve come up with the Dance More, Drink Slow campaign, encouraging people to drink water between beers.


Admittedly, the club in the video seems to have a models-only policy, but remember that this is both an advertisement and a safety campaign. The main character alternates bottles of Heineken with mineral water, and dances all night while other clubbers fall away. Just after 6 a.m. he leaves, hand-in-hand with the stunning DJ.

It’s a great idea, bringing some advertising glamour to a public safety video, while showing a pretty realistic night of partying and boozing. Just about every other alcohol commercial shows attractive, healthy-looking people taking that first, refreshing sip / mouthful of their drinks. Realistically, of course, we’d see more people wondering whether to go for that fourth or fifth round and make a night of it.

Kudos to the Dutch

Armin van Buuren and Heineken are Dutch, and as everyone knows, the Netherlands has a more tolerant attitude to – let’s say – alternatives to booze. In designated areas, Trance all-nighters in the Netherlands are smoky to say the least. It’s illegal to smoke tobacco in clubs, but the fog from weed looks like London in the olden days.

Anyone who’s done an all-nighter in a packed club will spot the break with reality. As the night goes on, we see more and more people partied out. We see some men chatting up women, some stumbling. No-one gets angry. In reality, pot-smokers flake out at least as much as drinkers… besides, studies have shown marijuana is very likely to have more positive effects than the government wanting us to believe. Putting that aside, smoking weed or eating brownies definitely doesn’t help anyone to dance for 7 hours straight. It does make people sit with friends and giggle or become fascinated by the laser show.

So, kudos to Heineken & van Buuren for some good, sensible advice for music lovers and party people. Drinking water through a long night is the safe thing to do. Intentionally or not, they’ve given sound advice to clubbers who choose Heineken or perhaps – ahem – something else.

GQ Magazine published a cool Q&A in which they exchange thoughts on the campaign with Armin van Buuren himself. #DMDS





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