Lucy plans to self-finance her upcoming gigs in South America

October 26th, 2015 at 2:28 PM / by

Lucy Rose recently told her fans that she plans to save up money for a trip to South America so she can play gigs for her fans on the other side of the globe.


Chosen by the fans

According to the BBC she gets loads of messages from people saying ‘I’m from Peru’ or ‘I live in Chile and i’ll probably never get to see you play’.

Because of this Lucy decided to ‘travel anywhere, however small the town of village and play a gig for her fans’. On her social media pages she asked fans where they live and based on this she will actually go to South America somewhere in January of next year to play some gigs for her fans out there.

Now that's some dedication to her fans right there!

Now that’s some dedication to her fans right there!

The trip will be financed purely by herself she said, so that’s why it will take a couple of months before she can actually travel to the other side of the world. Eventually she plans to travel together with her husband and her guitar and meet fans from Mexico and South America!

If you check out her Facebook page you’ll find an ever growing list of towns and villages from Mexico, Chile, Peru and even Bolivia. So if any of the Lucy fans on this website happen to live in South America and want to see a live gig be sure to let her know on social media!




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