Lucy Rose on Spotify and iTunes

January 29th, 2013 at 9:15 AM / by

lucy-rose-spotifySpotify and iTunes are media playing programs that let users listen to their favorite artists any time. This allows users to play music through their mobile phones, tablets, computers and home entertainment systems. It also lets fans download their favorite artists’ songs and build their own collections. Listeners can create their own playlists from Spotify’s pool of songs, ranging from the classics to the freshest music. They can group songs based on genre, era, artist or in any way they want.

iTunes is another media library application and player that lets listeners discover new music and artists. It is used to download, organize and play digital video and audio files through a computer or mobile device. The application also lets users purchase songs, music videos, games and other files.

Lucy Rose’s songs are also available on Spotify and iTunes. Hits like Night Bus, Red Face and Shiver can be played online or purchased through these programs. Rose’s debut singles Middle of the Road and Bikes can also be bought or downloaded from iTunes and Spotify.




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