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Lucy Rose is a folk rock singer and musician who built her own career. She started going to every open-mic night she could and met other aspiring artists. Her collaboration with Jack Steadman of Bombay Bicycle Club led to her breakthrough when she performed backing vocals for the band. She did backing vocals for the band’s acoustic album Flaws and their recent album A Different Kind of Fix.

Rose plays with the rest of her band including drummer Sam Nadel, guitar player Bjorn Agren, multi-instrumentalist Alex Eichenberger and bassist Joe Steer. Her first single, Middle of the Bed, was released in August of 2011 and was later followed by Scar and Redface. These songs came out during the last half of 2011 from her debut album Like I Used To. In 2012, Rose released two more songs from the same album called Lines and Bikes. She signed a contract with Columbia Records. Her album was then officially released on September 21, 2012. Her track list includes songs like Red Face, Lines, Shiver, Night Bus, Watch Over, Bikes, Place, Don’t You Worry, First, Be Alright, All I’ve Got, Scar, Little Brave, Gamble and her debut single Middle of the Bed.

Lucy Rose’s musical influences include Neil Young and Joni Mitchell. Rose has received a lot of positive feedback about her songs and music videos. She often has her videos shot by a close friend, Orestes Mitas. Her soulful voice and unique folk rock style with her music made Rose a musician to look out for in the coming years.

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like-i-used-toAlbum – Like I Used To

  1. Red Face
  2. Middle of the Bed
  3. Lines
  4. Shiver
  5. Night Bus
  6. Watch Over
  7. Bikes
  8. Place
  9. Don’t You Worry
  10. First
  11. Be Alright
  12. All I’ve Got
  13. Scar
  14. Little Brave
  15. Gamble


  • Red Face (2012)
  • Lines (2012)
  • Bikes (2012)
  • Middle of The Bed (2011)
  • Scar (2011)